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Operation Paperclip

 Operation Paperclip

Operation Paperclip was the codename of a secret recruitment of German scientists to the United States after the end of World War II in Europe. Scientists specialized in rocket technology were the main interest for the United States. After the end of World War II it became clear that the major powers that allied to

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Defense of the Great Wall

Defense of the Great Wall Greatwall 1933 china  Defense of the Great Wall

The Defense of the Great Wall was a series of battles between the Japanese Empire and the Republic of China. They took place before the Second Sino-Japanese War. In Japan it is known as Operation Nekka and in English sources it is commonly known as First Battle of Hopei. The battle took place between January

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Battle of Sicily

Battle of Sicily ShermanTank  Battle of Sicily

After they had beaten Italy and German in North Africa, the Allies planned their next step, the invasion of occupied Europe and finally defeating Germany and putting an end to the long and costly World War 2. The Allies were set on attacking Italy in the hope that it would drive away the fascist government,

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Harry Truman

Harry Truman Harry truman  Harry Truman

Harry S. Truman was the 33rd President of the United States of America.  He became President of the United States with the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt just less than 3 months into his 4th term.  Although he was the only president who served after 1897 without a college degree, he was responsible for many

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Battle of Wake Island Facts

Battle of Wake Island Facts wake  Battle of Wake Island Facts

Wake Island is a small island in the Pacific Ocean, it was annexed by the US in 1899. The island didn’t really have a population until Pam American Airways built a town and hotel there. Wake Island actually has three parts consisting of smaller islets, Wake, Peale and Wilkes. The significance of Wake Island in

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Operation Market Garden

Operation Market Garden Waves of paratroops land in Holland  Operation Market Garden

Operation Market Garden was an Allied operation during the Second World War that lasted from the 17th to the 25th September 1944. It was aimed against the Netherlands and Germany and at that point was the largest airborne operation ever put together. During the operation, more resistance was encountered than originally forecast, and the Allies

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1940 US Census

1940 US Census 1940 US Census Poster  1940 US Census

The 1940 US Census was the sixteenth census taken by the United States Census Bureau and was taken during the second year of World War 2 but was finished more than a year and half prior to the entry of the United States into the war. The census determined that the population of the U.S.

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Top 5 Pearl Harbor Day Websites

Top 5 Pearl Harbor Day Websites Arizona Memorial  Top 5 Pearl Harbor Day Websites

Pearl Harbor Day occurs on December 7th every year and is a time to remember one of the most significant events that occurred in U.S. and World History, the Japanese surprise attack on Hawaii. On December 7th, 1941, the Japanese launched two waves of aircraft striking American forces based in / around Pearl Harbor in

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Battle of Okinawa Facts

Battle of Okinawa Facts Okinawa1  Battle of Okinawa Facts

During World War II there were two main battlefields, the first was of course in Europe against Italy, Nazi Germany and it’s allies and the other was mainly between the U.S. and Japan. One of the more important battles between Japan and the U.S. was the Battle of Okinawa. The battle started on April 1,

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Atomic Bomb

Atomic Bomb Atomic bombing of Japan  Atomic Bomb

The first, World War 2 atomic bomb ever detonated was part of the tests to verify the functionality of the atomic bomb. The first atomic bomb test, code-named Trinity took place on July 16, 1945. After the US Army saw the demonstration of the weapon plans were soon made for it to be used against

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Battle of Crete

Battle of Crete German Mountain Troops  Battle of Crete

The Battle of Crete started on 20 May 1941 when Germany launched an airborne attack on the island of Crete. The battle was fought between Germany and Italy on the Axis side and Greece, the civilians on the island, and the rest of the Allies on the other. The battle concluded after approximately 10 days

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