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World War 2 saw a large number of battles fought across much of the globe. Major battles occurred between the Axis and Allied powers across North Africa, Europe, Asia and more with the war being referred to by the Allied Powers as the European and Pacific fronts. Strategically, the United States agreed with Great Britain to place Europe as a Strategic priority while holding in the Pacific. Despite this fact, each of the war fronts concluded in less than six months of each other in 1945.

World War 2 Battles

Africa, Mediterranean and Middle East Campaigns and Battles

Battle of Greece

Hobok Fort captured by 1st South African Infantry Division, February 1941.

Hobok Fort captured by 1st South African Infantry Division, February 1941.

Syria and Lebanon


East Africa


Mediterranean Naval battles

Battles of Fort Capuzzo: June 1940-November 1942

Italian conquest of British Somaliland: August 1940

Operation Compass: December 1940-February 1941

Battle of Keren: February 1941-April 1941

Siege of Tobruk: April-November 1941

Operation Brevity: May 1941

Operation Skorpion: May 1941

Operation Battleaxe: June 1941

Battle of Gondar: November 1941

Operation Crusader: November-December 1941

Battle of Gazala: May-June 1942

Battle of Bir Hakeim: May-June 1942

Battle of Madagascar: May-November 1942

First Battle of El Alamein: July 1942

Battle of Alam el Halfa: August-September 1942

Second Battle of El Alamein: October-November 1942

Battle of El Agheila: December 1942

Operation Torch: November 1942

Operation Terminal

Battle of Casablanca

Tunisia Campaign: November 1942-May 1943

Battle of the Kasserine Pass February 1943

Battle of Sidi Bou Zid

Battle of Medenine

Operation Pugilist

Battle of El Guettar

Operation Vulcan

World War 2 Battles Video

Mediterranean Front and Battles

Siege of Malta: June 1940-December 1942

Battle of Yugoslavia: April 1941

Battle of Greece: April 1941

Battle of Crete: May 1941

Battle of Sicily: July-August 1943

Allied invasion of Italy: September 1943

Battle of Naples: September 1943

Volturno Line: October-November 1943

Barbara Line: October-November 1943

Air Raid on Bari: December 1943

Bernhardt Line: December 1943-January 1944

Moro River Campaign: December 1943


American soldiers of the 117th Infantry Regiment, North Carolina National Guard, part of the 30th Infantry Division, move past a destroyed American M5 “Stuart” tank on their march to recapture the town of St. Vith during the Battle of the Bulge in January 1945.

Battle of Monte Cassino: January-May 1944

Battle of Anzio: January-June 1944

Trasimene Line: June-July 1944

Battle of Ancona: June-July 1944

Gothic Line: August-December 1944

Spring 1945 offensive in Italy: April-May 1945

European Western Front Battles

Operation Weserübung: April-June 1940

Battle of Denmark

Norwegian Campaign

Battles of Narvik

Battle of the Netherlands: May 1940

Battle of Zeeland

Battle of The Afsluitdijk

Battle of Fort Eben-Emael

Battle of the Grebbeberg

Battle for the Hague

Battle of Maastricht

Battle of Belgium: May 1940

Battle of Hannut

Battle of Gembloux

Battle of France: May-June 1940

Battle of Sedan

Battle of Arras

Siege of Calais

Siege of Lille

Operation Paula

Battle of Dunkirk

Battle of Britain: July-October 1940

St. Nazaire Raid: March 1942

Dieppe Raid: August 1942

Operation Overlord: June-August 1944

Battle of Normandy (1944)

Invasion of Normandy (1944)

Battle for Caen

Operation Perch

Battle of Carentan

Battle of Cherbourg

Battle of Villers-Bocage

Operation Epsom

Operation Windsor

Operation Charnwood

Operation Jupiter

Battle of Normandy Video

Second Battle of the Odon

Operation Goodwood

Operation Atlantic

Battle of Verrières Ridge

Operation Spring

Operation Cobra

Operation Totalize

Operation Lüttich

Operation Tractable

Battle of Hill 262

Falaise pocket

Battle for Brest: August-September 1944

Operation Dragoon: August-September 1944

Allied advance from Paris to the Rhine: August-September 1944

Operation Market Garden: September 1944


Waves of paratroopers land in the Netherlands during Operation Market Garden in September 1944

Battle of Arnhem

Lorraine Campaign: September-December 1944

Battle of Metz: September-December 1944

Battle of Nancy: September 1944

Battle of Moerbrugge: September 1944

Battle of Hürtgen Forest: September 1944-February 1945

Battle of Overloon: October 1944

Battle of Aachen: October 1944

Battle of Crucifix Hill

Battle of the Scheldt: October-November 1944

Battle of the Bulge: December 1944-January 1945

Battle of St. Vith

Battle of Kesternich

Losheim Gap

Elsenborn Ridge

Siege of Bastogne

Operation Bodenplatte

Operation Nordwind: January 1945

Colmar Pocket: January-February 1945

Operation Veritable: February-March 1945

Operation Plunder: March 1945

Operation Varsity: March 1945

Ruhr Pocket: March-April 1945

Battle of Groningen: April 1945

Battle of Berlin, April-May 1945

European Eastern Front Battles

Invasion of Poland

Operation Arctic Fox

Operation Bagration

Battle of Bautzen (1945)

Battle of the Bay of Viipuri

Battle of Białystok-Minsk

Operation Barbarosa

Belostock Offensive

Bobruysk Offensive

Battle of Berlin

Battle at Borodino Field

Operation Braunschweig

Defense of Brest Fortress

Siege of Breslau

Battle of Brody (1941)

Battle of Bryansk (1941)

Battle of Roy

Budapest Offensive

Siege of Budapest

Operation Büffel

Case Blue

Battle of the Caucasus

Concert (operation)

Continuation War

Courland Pocket

Battle of the Crimea (1941)

Battle of the Crimea(1944)


Red Army Offensives during 1943–1944

Battle of Debrecen

Demyansk Pocket

Operation Doppelkopf

Battle of the Dnieper

Battle of Drava

Battle of the Dukla Pass

East Pomeranian Offensive

East Prussian Offensive

Operation Edelweiss

Operation Frühlingserwachen

Gumbinnen Operation

Battle of Halbe

Battle of Hel

Heiligenbeil Pocket

Operation Iskra

Jassy-Kishinev Operation

Kamenets-Podolsky Pocket

Kaunas Offensive

Battle of the Kerch Peninsula

Kerch-Eltigen Operation

Battle of Stalingrad Video

First Battle of Kharkov

Second Battle of Kharkov

Third Battle of Kharkov

Fourth Battle of Kharkov

Occupation of Kharkov

Battle of Kiev (1941)

Battle of Kiev (1943)

Battle of Kolberg

Battle of Königsberg

Operation Konrad

Korsun-Cherkassy Pocket

Battle of Krasny Bor

Operation Kremlin

Battle of Kursk

Operation Kutuzov

Siege of Leningrad

Battle of Lenino

Lower Silesian Offensive

Lublin–Brest Offensive

Lvov–Sandomierz Offensive

Lötzen decision

Operation Margarethe

Battle of Memel

Minsk Offensive

Mogilev Offensive

Moonzund Landing Operation

Battle of Moscow

Malaya Zemlya

Operation Mars

Nagykanizsa–Kermend Offensive

Battle of Narva (1944)

Battle for Narva Bridgehead

Battle of Tannenberg Line

Nevsky Pyatachok

Battle of Nikolayevka

Operation Nordlicht

Battle of the Oder-Neisse

Siege of Odessa (1941)

Osovets Offensive

Ostrogozhsk-Rossosh Operation

Operation Panzerfaust

Operation Platinum Fox

Polotsk Offensive

Operation Polyarnaya Zvezda

Battle of Porkuni

Battle of Poznań (1945)

Prague Offensive

Pripyat swamps (punitive operation)

Battle of Prokhorovka

Battle of Radzymin (1944)

Battle of Raseiniai

Operation Renntier

Riga Offensive (1944)

Battle of Rostov

Battles of Rzhev

Operation Saturn

Defense of Schwedt Bridgehead

Sea of Azov coastal advance

Battle of the Seelow Heights

Siege of Sevastopol (1941–1942)

Shyaulyay Offensive

Silesian Offensives
World War 2 Video (Okinawa)

Operation Silver Fox

Battle of Smolensk (1941)

Battle of Smolensk (1943)

Operation Solstice

Battle of Someri

Battle of Stalingrad

Battle of Studzianki

Bombing of Tallinn in World War II

Evacuation of Tallinn (1941)

Tallinn Offensive

Battle of Târgul Frumos

Tatsinskaya Raid

Toropets-Kholm Operation

Battle of Uman

Upper Silesian Offensive

Operation Uranus

Battle for Velikiye Luki (1943)

Vienna Offensive

Vilnius Offensive

Vistula–Oder Offensive

Vitebsk–Orsha Offensive

Battle of Voronezh (1942)

Battle of Voronezh (1943)

Warsaw Uprising

Battle of Westerplatte

Operation Wintergewitter

Battle of Wizna

Operation Wotan

Yelnya Offensive

Zemland Offensive

Operation Valkyrie

Pacific War Battles (Asia)

Battle for Australia


U.S. Navy Douglas SBD-3 “Dauntless” dive bombers from scouting squadron VS-8 from the aircraft carrier USS Hornet (CV-8) approaching the burning Japanese heavy cruiser en:Mikuma to make the third set of attacks on her, during the Battle of Midway, 6 June 1942. Mikuma had been hit earlier by strikes from Hornet and USS Enterprise (CV-6), leaving her dead in the water and fatally damaged. Note bombs hung beneath the SBDs.

Battle of the Coral Sea

Battle of Rabaul

New Guinea campaign

Battle for Kododa

Battle of Isurava

Battle of Brigade Hill

Battle of Biak

Battle of Buna-Gona

Battle of the Bismarck Sea

Bougainville Campaign

Battle of Driniumor River

Finisterre Range campaign

Huon Peninsula campaign

Battle of Lone Tree Hill (1944)

Battle of Milne Bay

Operation Cartwheel

Operation Mo

Operations Reckless and Persecution

Salamaua-Lae campaign

Battle of Wau

Bombing of Wewak

Attack on Broome

Battle of Darwin

Battle of Pearl Harbor: 7 December 1941

Philippines Campaign (1941–42): December 1941-May 1942

Battle of Bataan

Battle of Corregidor

Battle of Hong Kong: December 1941

Dutch East Indies campaign: December 1941-March 1942

Battle of Guam (1941): December 1941

Battle of Midway Video

Battle of Wake Island: December 1941

Battle of Malaya: December 1941-January 1942

Battle of Singapore: February 1942

Battle of Midway: June 1942

Guadalcanal Campaign: August 1942-February 1943

Battle of Savo Island: August 1942

Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands: October 1942

Battle of Tarawa: November 1943

Battle of Cape Gloucester: December 1943–April 1944

Battle of Saipan: June-July 1944

Battle of Noemfoor: July-August 1944

Battle of Guam (1944): July-August 1944

Battle of the Philippine Sea: September-October 1944

Two U.S. officers plant the American flag on Guam eight minutes after U.S. Marines and Army assault troops landed

Two U.S. officers plant the American flag on Guam eight minutes after U.S. Marines and Army assault troops landed

Battle of Morotai: September-October 1944

Philippines Campaign (1944–45): October 1944 – September 1945

Battle of Peleliu: September-November 1944

Battle of Leyte: October-December 1944

Battle of Leyte Gulf: October 1944

Battle off Samar: 25 October 1944

Battle of Luzon: January-August 1945

Battle of Manila (1945): February-March 1945

Battle of Iwo Jima: February–March 1945

Battle of Okinawa: April–June 1945

campaigns in Burma and India

Pacific War Battles in China

The Pacific War, or Pacific theater of WW2 is commonly thought of as starting on December 7th and 8th, 1941 with the almost simultaneous attacks on Pearl Harbor and invasion of Thailand by the Empire of Japan. More recently, scholars have considered this to be a very western slant or view on the start of WW 2 in the Pacific. Many now think of the Pacific theater of WW 2 starting on July 7th, 1937 with the Second Sino-Japanese War kicking off between the Empire of Japan and Republic of China. Others consider the Pacific War as starting on September 19th, 1931 when Japan invaded Manchuria. Needless to say, no matter which viewpoint the reader takes, there were significant battles, deaths, etc that took place as far back as the early 1930s which would have a significant impact on Japan’s conduct during World War 2 until the country’s surrender on-board the U.S. battleship Missouri on September 2nd, 1945.

Mukden: September 1931

Invasion of Manchuria: September 1931

Jiangqiao Campaign: October 1931

Resistance at Nenjiang Bridge: November 1931

Jinzhou: December 1931

Defense of Harbin: January 1932

Shanghai (1932): January 1932

Pacification of Manchukuo: March 1932

Defense of the Great Wall: January 1933

Battle of Rehe: February 1933

Actions in Inner Mongolia (1933-36)

Suiyuan Campaign: October 1936

Battle of Lugou Bridge (Marco Polo Bridge Incident): July 1937

Battle of Beiping-Tianjin: July 1937

Chahar: August 1937

‘Battle of Shanghai: August 1937

Battle of Shanghai Video

Beiping–Hankou: August 1937

Tianjin–Pukou: August 1937

Battle of Taiyuan: September 1937

Battle of Pingxingguan: September 1937

Battle of Xinkou: September 1937

Battle of Nanjing: December 1937

Battle of Xuzhou: December 1937

Battle of Taierzhuang: March 1938

Northern and Eastern Honan 1938: January 1938

Battle of Lanfeng: May 1938

Xiamen: May 1938

‘Battle of Wuhan: June 1938

Battle of Wanjialing

Guangdong: October 1938

Hainan Island: February 1939

Battle of Nanchang: March 1939

Battle of Xiushui River: March 1939

Battle of Suixian-Zaoyang: May 1939

Shantou: June 1939

Battle of Changsha (1939): September 1939

Battle of South Guangxi: November 1939

Battle of Kunlun Pass: December 1939

1939-40 Winter Offensive: November 1939

Battle of Wuyuan: March 1940

Battle of Zaoyang-Yichang: May 1940

Hundred Regiments Offensive: August 1940

Vietnam Expedition: September 1940

Central Hupei: November 1940

Battle of South Henan: January 1941


Japanese plan for Operation Ichi-Go

Western Hopei: March 1941

Battle of Shanggao: March 1941

Battle of South Shanxi: May 1941

Battle of Changsha (1941): September 1941

Battle of Changsha (1942): January 1942

Battle of Yunnan-Burma Road: March 1942

Battle of Toungoo

Battle of Yenangyaung

Battle of Zhejiang-Jiangxi: April 1942

Battle of West Hubei: May 1943

Battle of Northern Burma and Western Yunnan: October 1943

Battle of Changde: November 1943

Operation Ichi-Go

Operation Kogo Battle of Central Henan: April 1944

Operation Togo 1 Battle of Changsha (1944)

Operation Togo 2 and Operation Togo 3 Battle of Guilin-Liuzhou: August 1944

Battle of West Hunan: April-June 1945

Second Guangxi Campaign: April-July 1945

Manchurian Strategic Offensive Operation: August–September 1945

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