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Doolittle Raid

Doolittle Raid Dolittle Raider Plane 1  Doolittle Raid

After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, US President Franklin D. Roosevelt wanted to strike back as soon as possible. He wanted retribution but also wanted to show the Japanese that they aren’t invincible. Immediately the military started working on a plan to attack the Japanese home islands. The culmination of the planning would result

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Negative Effects on the U.S. Economy Caused by World War 2

Negative Effects on the US Economy Caused by World War 2 NYA typing class  Negative Effects on the U.S. Economy Caused by World War 2

Although popular opinion holds that the United States economy significantly benefitted from World War 2, there were a number of negative effects on the economy that occurred during and after the war. The United States was engaged in the war from between 1941 (after the bombing of Pearl Harbor) through 1945 (after the surrender of

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USS Missouri Battleship Facts (BB-63)

USS Missouri Battleship Facts BB63 Missouri panama canal  USS Missouri Battleship Facts (BB-63)

The USS Missouri (BB-63) was the third ship of the United States Navy to be named in honor of the state of Missouri. Also nick-named the “Mighty Mo” or “Big Mo,” she also has the distinction of being the last battleship constructed by the United States. More famously, the battleship was the location of the

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World War 2 Planes

World War 2 Planes Bott4  World War 2 Planes

World War 2 saw more technological leaps in the field of military aircraft than any other conflict. Between 1939 and 1945, World War 2 planes evolved to the point the jet engine was introduced and even the first cruise missile would see its first use by the Axis powers. Significant advances were made on both

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Battle of the Philippine Sea Facts

Battle of the Philippine Sea HIJMS Zuikaku and two destroyers under attack  Battle of the Philippine Sea Facts

The Battle of the Philippine Sea was a result of the American invasion of Saipan, the Japanese saw it as an opportunity to attack the American fleet as it was protecting the landing of their troops onto the island. It was an aircraft carrier battle between the Fifth Fleet of the U.S. Navy and the

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Lyudmila Pavlichenko

Lyudmila Pavlichenko Lyudmilapavlichenko  Lyudmila Pavlichenko

Lyudmila Pavlichenko was a sniper for the Soviet army during World War 2. She is credited with 309 kills during the war and is regarded as the most successful female sniper in military history. She was born in Ukraine, and lived from July 12, 1916 to October 10, 1974. Lyudmila Pavlichenko’s Early Life Lyudmila Pavlichenko

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F4U Corsair Facts

F4U Corsair Facts Vought F4U Corsair USMC  F4U Corsair Facts

The F4U Corsair was a carrier based fighter aircraft primarily used in WW II and to some extent in the Korean War. Not long after launching ,Vought, the manufacturer of the F4U Corsair, couldn’t keep up with demand which resulted in Goodyear and Brewster picking up production as well. The Goodyear models had a FG

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The Norden Bombsight

The Norden Bombsight Norden Sight  The Norden Bombsight

The Norden bombsight was created and used by the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) and the United States Navy during WW 2. The site would also be used by the US Air Froce during the Korean and Vietnam wars to help drop bombs accurately. Also known as the “Blue Ox,” the sight relied on

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P-38 Lightning Facts

P38 Lightning Facts P 38J  P-38 Lightning Facts

At the time of its creation the P-38 Lightning fighter was thought of as the most advanced plane developed by Lockheed up to that point in the war. In 1937 the U.S. Army Air Corps released a request for a new plane that required climb capabilities, speed and range that weren’t possible with the single

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WW2 Army Units and Sizes

WW2 Army Units and Sizes Northcott in Japan  WW2 Army Units and Sizes

When studying World War 2, a common question that arises is what exactly each army group or unit name means? This question arises a fair bit with readers of, so we have compiled a table to help explain what the unit or group names mean, what units made up larger WW2 army units,  the

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How Tall was Hitler?

How Tall was Hitler Hitler Standing 1928  How Tall was Hitler?

Adolf Hitler, as the most infamous leader in modern history and one of the most infamous in all of history has been a subject of extremely many discussions, probably more than any modern leader. Stories related to him range from conspiracy theories like that he didn’t commit suicide in his Berlin bunker in 1945 and

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